Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Tips for Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation is a technical and highly-specialized area of law, and those who have suffered an injury or an illness at the workplace, or related to their job, will be well served by a lawyer certified in this field of law.

Advertisements from television or billboards, internet marketing or in print offer style, not substance.

Indicators of a Qualified Lawyer

While it will take some extra effort to find the right lawyer for your circumstances, the time will be well spent and will make all the difference in the outcome of your claim. The most reliable indicators of an attorney qualified in workers’ compensation law are:

    1. Years of experience
    2. Depth of knowledge
    3. Attention to detail
    4. Trustworthiness

The attention to detail extends beyond the claim and lends itself to the financial and medical considerations of the client and the dependents of the client.

Recommendations from Family and Friends

Advice and recommendations from those closest to you and from those whom you trust are the best sources of referral.

Lawyers of high quality typically do little to no advertising but depend upon word-of-mouth referrals from former, satisfied clients. Qualified counsel through referral is more assured.

The Internet and External Sources

Many people seeking a workers’ compensation lawyer search online or see an ad on television, on a billboard, or in print. Although all are great resources, these are not referrals, and these resources should be used wisely.

Spend time on the websites of those attorneys who advertise to make sure there is an emphasis on workers’ compensation law supported by testimonials of former clients.

As with referrals, take the time to meet with the lawyer to determine if the advertisement and website are useful indicators of knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

The Initial Consultation; The Interview

As the lawyer will ask you many questions regarding your claim, be sure you are asking just as many. You are the one doing the interviewing. Nearly all workers’ compensation lawyers offer free consultations.

Types of Questions to Ask

The following questions will help you gauge your confidence in a lawyer’s expertise and professionalism:

  1. How many years have you in practicing workers’ compensation law in Michigan?
  2. How much of your practice is devoted to workers’ compensation claims?
  3. Can you represent me from the claim through settlement?
  4. Can you provide references?
  5. Are you certified in workers’ compensation law?
  6. Will I be responsible for the claim and hearing-related expenses? If so, what do those expenses include?
  7. Will I be responsible for those expenses if my claim is not successful?

Above all, through your search for seeking competent representation, look for the lawyer who inspires confidence, who exudes patience with authority, and who listens.